Luxury Mortgage CorpĀ® has been providing residential mortgage products to consumers since its founding in 1996. As a residential mortgage banking firm, Luxury Mortgage offers a variety of mortgage products, from FHA and jumbo mortgages to our proprietary super jumbo mortgages-all to meet the needs of our clients.

Originally a niche lender, Luxury Mortgage has positioned itself in the market as one of the premier lenders in the industry. Even when the lending market crashed, Luxury Mortgage had such a strong following and innovative underwriting capabilities, all of the top loan officers and mortgage professionals in the region we serviced wanted to become a Luxury Mortgage team member-and they did. We now work with some of the best of the best in the mortgage industry.

Originally covering the tri-state area, the headquarters of Luxury Mortgage is now located in Stamford, Connecticut. We have licensed branch office locations located throughout the country, so we can help meet the needs of our clients in the communities where they live, work and play.

The variety of products allows Luxury Mortgage to evaluate each client’s individual situation and suggest the most appropriate mortgage to fit their needs. Our innovative approach to mortgage lending has earned us a reputation of integrity and reliability with key wholesale lenders, mortgage investors, financial institutions and sophisticated borrowers.

Make no mistake that there is a reason why luxury is part of our name.

Tom Higgins
Managing Director, MLO
Luxury Mortgage Corp
580 Main Street, Suite 204
Reading, MA 01867

Office: 781-884-4719
eFax: 781-459-2682
Mobile: 781-789-9436

NMLS# 40080

online application: https://www.luxurymortgage.com/apply.php?empId=74410
Licensed in MA, ME, RI & NH